Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taxation Thursday

 Every Thursday I will be taking one item that our taxes pay for and breaking it down into why it is essential or just a waste. I enjoy learning about this our country and where the taxes are spent.

The first question I want to answer is do Indians even pay taxes?
I read that States are not allowed to tax Indian Tribal Governments directly but may tax the Indians individually as long as they don't make their cash directly from a treaty.

The government spends 2.5 billion dollars on reservations each year. This 2.5 billion breaks down into 50 million for tribal colleges, 14.4 million for completed settlements, 5.1 million for a Loan program, 14.2 million for central oversight, and 27 million for estate services. Also an additional 354.7 million is being spent this year to add public safety and justice to Indian reservations all through America. This change will bring a reduction in crime throughout the reservations.

My first thought on all of this is that we need to start taxing the Indians more. While some of the Indians are poor and need our help others run huge Casinos that can't be taxed properly because they are under a treaty. We only have the power to charge them a special tax which is a start... While some Tribes need our help in surviving, others are taking advantage of the system and do not need all of this special treatment. Than my second thought is that I don't have enough information to make such an assumption. I am not a smart man outside of the workplace.
And a cute bird

I am sorry If I haven't checked out your blog this week.. They've had me working 9 to 9 with a 3 hour break starting at noon each day..

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Jéanne said... Reply To This Comment

Ours is the only country in the world where the majority still enjoy minority rights. Only in Africa! Hope the work load evens out a bit!

Korsgaard said... Reply To This Comment

Nice article, nice site, and thank you fro following my blog! If I may ask though, how did you get so many follwers so fast? And what's the secret?

Fitizen said... Reply To This Comment

Idk about the tax thing, but that's a cute bird! lol

TassieJoe said... Reply To This Comment

Goodluck with it. I will follow with interest. Although I am in a different country there a are a lot of similarities here in Australia.

flyergirl13 said... Reply To This Comment

That is a very cute bird.
I don't want to say anything about taxing Indians because despite APUSH hell last year, I don't know much about it, and I don't want to accidentally say something offensive or something

Anthony said... Reply To This Comment

Unfortunately, a vast majority of the Native American population is impoverished. Additionally, I think that Native American tribal reservations are considered to be sovereign nations (to some extent) and that complicates issues like taxation. That being said, I think this is one area in which the federal government should spend more money--to work with tribes to build up their economic infrastructures and alleviate the poverty on the reservations. This achievement would benefit not only Native Americans; it would help the entire U.S. economy (reservations buy more goods which equals more jobs, etc.).

Brandonman said... Reply To This Comment

I like this idea of looking at taxes on the lower levels of spending. And I agree wholeheartedly. *All* these groups that are getting benefits from the government likely have a majority exploiting the system.

Pat Hatt said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah if there is a way they exploit it, those casinos really do. Although if some would stop playing at the stupid things, then they wouldn't be so poor.

kbbuddingwriter said... Reply To This Comment

Yeap. These treaties screw the tax dept. in the long run.

BragonDorn said... Reply To This Comment

As originally said I don't know enough on this subject either way to make a educated argument either way. I am just bringing up things that I find interesting.

Nuker Zero said... Reply To This Comment

No worries about not getting around, we all get busy after new year's.

But I love casinos and fireworks :(

Alex Rowe said... Reply To This Comment

^ What Anthony said. I believe poverty among Native Americans is double the national figure, though I have to double check (incidentally, the figures for alcohol abuse are higher as well).

Mason Martinez said... Reply To This Comment

My tribe, the Houma, have been trying to become federally recognized for decades. We don't receive anything at all.

Julianna said... Reply To This Comment

354.7 million on lowering the crime rate?

Um, last time I checked, the Native Americans handled their own trails and crimes. I know this, because quite often at the casinos by where I live, people (bodies) are found stuffed in trunks, raped, etc. and it never makes the news. Why? Because it is out of the State's juristiction.

I agree that the vast population needs assistance, but there has got to be a better way, as suggested by one of your other commenters.

I would also like to say that I am not very educated on this subject(other than what I said regarding my local casino tribes situation) so, other commenters can feel free to tell me to shut the hell up. :)

NayNaySIXX said... Reply To This Comment

Aww cute bird ;D

speakers4u said... Reply To This Comment

Seems like India is the place to be for smart people to evade taxes

Chris said... Reply To This Comment

Interesting read. And nice bird! Lol

Teddi said... Reply To This Comment

holy hell someone's working overtime batman.

Ruth said... Reply To This Comment

Have you seen the way many people on the reservations live? It is so bad.
If the government spends that money every year, I would like to see where the money actually ends up. It sure isn't with the people that need it most.

annoymouse said... Reply To This Comment

So the casinos don't get taxed? wow.

Adkov said... Reply To This Comment

Indians are the worst. That is all.

Heaven. said... Reply To This Comment

Hope work lets up soon!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Taxes are good?

JacobMayhem said... Reply To This Comment

Great read. Agree, casino's aren't crazy important to existence, are they?

BragonDorn said... Reply To This Comment

@Ruth I agree that they need our help. My only conclusion was that there should be more than a special tax charged on their casinos. I apologize if something here offended you.

T. Roger Thomas said... Reply To This Comment

2.5 billion is a lot of dollars

J Cosmo Newbery said... Reply To This Comment

Time sounds grim - hope they get you on more sensible hours soon.

kitbleu said... Reply To This Comment

thank for your text but i can't have opinion on this.

The Angry Lurker said... Reply To This Comment

Paying blood money for past crimes....

Zap McBlowfist said... Reply To This Comment

it would be good to see how money is spent ... but we're not ready for the info in thier eyes!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

It's a tricky question isn't it. However, I have to say that logically I can't blame them for taking advantage of the casino tax break. Think about it. I really don't know anyone who wouldn't do the same. So do you blame the government or the people? On this one I say government. The people are just doing what they are allowed to do.

Melissa Bradley said... Reply To This Comment

Interesting topic. Well, I don't know enough to make any kind of educated opinion, but the way government spends money is crazy nuts.

Shockgrubz said... Reply To This Comment

I agree with you about the casinos and other revenue being taxed, but I also see tribes like Mason Martinez's in need of what all other people of indigenous lineage are already entitled to.

Don't worry 'bout the non-checking of my blog. I'm just glad you've checked it out this year. Now for the other blogs to follow your lead. Keep up the long hard work, I'm doing the same thing in a different area.

sonnema said... Reply To This Comment

what a pile of money..

Ruth said... Reply To This Comment

I am not offended. I just look at it differently. In Iowa, the only for profit casinos have to be called riverboat casinos or on reservations. Otherwise it has to be non-profit- by state law. My husband works for one of those. I think the Native Americans are more entitled to not owe taxes than that one.

Atley said... Reply To This Comment

hot dog... 12 hour days but only paid for 9. Not my kind of job. I would rather just work all 9 hours and go home. I hate when I have to work a split shift.

Lord Phrozen said... Reply To This Comment

There's a 3 hours break in the middle of your work? That sucks! It takes up time you should be spending at home.

aki! said... Reply To This Comment

I think it's cool that you're a CPA. Educational post. Following!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Blame it on Rob, but I think you're versatile.

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