Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Home on the Horizon

Going for a jog every night at sunset makes everything better. As you get wore out from running down the long road you look up at the sunset while you are sucking in air trying to keep going. But there comes a time no matter how physically fit you are you become exhausted or just give up. As you stop running and begin to walk you look up to the sunset and see yourself. Imagine that the sun is tired just like you are and it needs a break. As the sunset disappears into the horizon and you turn to see the moon you get a new boost of energy and the urge to start running again. As you take off again you realize that your quickness has fled with the sun and you can only move as quick as your body can move you. But something happens, even though you don’t have the energy you had before you push yourself. The moon makes you feel lighter and looser. The stars scream for you to move quicker and you oblige them. As the sprint begins and your feet and legs scream “STOP!” you can’t help but ignore them and push yourself to the your limit. On a few occasions you might make it back to your house and fall into bed but on most occasions you don’t make it that far. As you collapse in the open pasture you smell the freshly cut grass and can’t help but enjoy it. The imagination tells us to stay there and enjoy the view but our minds remind us that there are family is waiting at home for our return. When you return to your feet and start walking home oddly the sky doesn’t seem so misplaced and you feel like it’s been that way forever. As you and your depleted energy go to bed you can’t wait for the next day’s sunset jog.

Please everyone, try going out on a sunset jog. You will more confident and fit :)
Photo from Pixabay

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Hazel said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds so nice, if only I could run the length of myself then I'd so do it lol!

wheatgerm said... Reply To This Comment

WHatever it is it looks peaceful

Vulcan Raven said... Reply To This Comment

the elda pic is a bonus!

jogging is so good for you, really... cleansd the mind, trains the body... also endorphynes!

Leon Kennedy said... Reply To This Comment

sadly my treadmill isn't as exciting

Suz said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, not happening. Running is my least favorite workout, as dictated by every joint in my body. Love the picture though!

Jcamelo said... Reply To This Comment

You that like skyrim, i will post a thread NOW, in my blog go there check ! i bet you will like, nice post btw, i've done that before.

Munir said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you for reading my blog. I shall now follow yours.
Sunrise and sunset are both beautiful. We are used to getting up before sunrise as in India all kinds of prayer chanting starts at dawn. One cannot sleep even if they want to. So we do our best and enjoy sunrise.
Sunset is equally beautiful. We go sunset walking whenever we visit our son in Hawaii. Here in New York half of the year is kind of good but come winter sunsets do not get the same respect.

Teddi said... Reply To This Comment

aww that's a nice thought, but it's not gonna happen. you paint quite the story with your words. at first i thought it was an excerpt from a book or movie. jimmy eat world is my 3rd fave band of all time 1)beatles 2) old goo goo dolls
i hated their last 2 albums. i like when johnny rzeznik is melancholy not in gaggy love.

metsrule64 said... Reply To This Comment

I wish i was link in that picture!

CodingAndHacking said... Reply To This Comment

But jogging is so tiresome...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said... Reply To This Comment

Don't even have to wait long for a sunset jog, as early as the sun sets right now.

Casper said... Reply To This Comment

Sadly i can't run any more, which is something i actually miss. Whats even sadder is you don't know what you have till it's gone and i didn't run and exercise as much as i should off. If you can, go for a jog and stop taking your mobility for granted as boy you miss it when its gone!

BragonDorn said... Reply To This Comment

Hazel) Just find a field and go on a walk through it at sunset. It's beautiful :)

Wheat) Beautiful it is!

Vulcan) You are always a great commenter and I love them. I put your blog on my roll :)

Leon) I'm glad I live outside the city.

Suz)You don't need to run. Just go on a walk. The sunset is always beautiful!

Jcam) *quickly clicks name and vblog and frantically scrolls*

Munir)I don't really like sunrise as much because it is so bright. I would imagin it is beautiful in a place like Hawaii.

Teddi) nah I only post things I write. I also love the Beatles. Not necesarily a fan of goo goo dolls new stuff though..

metsrule) Don't we all!

coding)It really is. It helps me sleep though when i acidentally sleep into 3 or 4.. lol

Alex) The sun sets at about 5 here in Ohio. We luckily have a blizzard finally :)

Old Kitty said... Reply To This Comment

You'll most likely find me running out of fear than anything else if ever I decide to jog after sunset! LOL!

But seriously! Hello to your lovely blog and nice to meet you! Have a great 2012! May you have many sunsets and beautiful stars to guide you along! Take care

BragonDorn said... Reply To This Comment

Old kitty) That was just beautiful. Thank you so much!

speakers4u said... Reply To This Comment

I like to dive in my pool after a nice run :)

Weird Interesting News

Baur said... Reply To This Comment

Neat blog following, thanks for commenting on my post :)

Pat Hatt said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah I jog a bit, but it's more of a fast walk. I like walking better. I only run when I'm being chased..haha

BusterDraco said... Reply To This Comment

So true

Arija said... Reply To This Comment

Hallo new friend!
I would love to go for a sunset jog but my partly bionic heart only allows a sunset walk which for me is stopping to watch birds or anything that mover until I finally make it up the hill and feel free to head back down again. My old body get's it's quota of exercise and my soul usually feels very much refreshed and collapsing on a paddock is something I am quite expert at. These days I take my phone with me wherever I go so they can find me if the collapse is a little more permanent.

Have a wonderfully creative year ahead my new friend.

Lord Wellbourne said... Reply To This Comment

The problem with jogging at or after sunset up here on the tundra is the risk you take of being way-laid by a moose, bear, wolf, or other large and hungry critter. I'm kinda with Old Kitty on that score. I love the sunset and all the beauties of Maine but I have an aversion to being an appetizer for the sake of aesthetics.

BragonDorn said... Reply To This Comment

speakers) If I had a big enough pool I wouldd much rather swim laps then go for a jog..

Baur) No problem, I love your blog!

Buster) Thank You

Arija) That is amazing! I'm glad you still get out.

Wellbourne) You would burn a lot of calories running from wolfs :) But your right. There is no reason to get eaten to stay in shape. Just get a treadmill and planet earth going. :)

Bones said... Reply To This Comment


Donna K. Weaver said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely image of the run. It's not so green where I live right now, though. lol

Happy New Year.

Al Penwasser said... Reply To This Comment

A sunset jog sounds much better than running on the "George Jetson" machine at Club E-Z Fit.
"Jane! Jane! Stop this crazy thing! Jane!!"

Otter said... Reply To This Comment

You had me until, "Going for a jog..." 8p But seriously...I used to jog everyday. I really need to get back into it. I was in the best shape of my life during that time.

Brandonman said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful post :) I love running, but my sinuses suck. Unless it's the middle of the summer, I always get bad drainage that causes serious problems, including throwing up thanks to the damned stuff! Luckily, I don't have this problem inside on the treadmill. Still, wish I could run outdoors more :(

Maynard Morrissey said... Reply To This Comment

Amusing blog you have, Mr. Bragondorn :) Happy New Year!!

T. Roger Thomas said... Reply To This Comment

Jogging at the gym with sports playing is my new favorite workout. Might have to try sunset now- thanks.

annoymouse said... Reply To This Comment

i use to jog almost everyday, before i got lazy :P

Shaw said... Reply To This Comment

I prefer night time jogs

BragonDorn said... Reply To This Comment

Bonus) Thanks :)

Donna) I wish I lived there.

Al) That made me laugh XD

Otter) There is nothing wrong with only going out once a week or every two weeks. Just choose a day and stick to it.

Brandon) Thank you so much!

Maynard) Happy New Year to you sir!

Roger) Its cheaper and more motivating unless you got a couch at the gym cus that really helps :)

Annoy) I go out once or twice a week. I used to go out everyday. I consider myself lazy too...

Shaw) It gets to cold here in Ohio but in the summer its fun. I always imagine im being chased by a bear. It makes you sprint so hard :)

Nathan said... Reply To This Comment

I really like that image...

Dave King said... Reply To This Comment

Yup, that makes it sound inviting, right enough!
A great and glorious new year to you and yours.

wolvz said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, it's a great feeling to jog during the end of the day. I like to do it too!

Jaya J said... Reply To This Comment

i miss running! i had to stop a couple of months ago due to a neuro muscular condition.
so i'm swimming now. i hope to get back to running though.

John McElveen said... Reply To This Comment

Great Advice and Blog!!!


Kristjan said... Reply To This Comment

The image is beautiful. I like to run too. But unfortunately I can`t go for a jog at this time of a year. It`s too cold out there.

jabblog said... Reply To This Comment

I don't jog but I do walk every day with the dogs, sometimes early, sometimes late, sometimes it's almost dark by the time we get home. It's great - fresh air, green all around and joyful company.

Anna Lefler said... Reply To This Comment

This is lovely! And I'm intrigued by the little critter on the horizon there...

Thanks for visiting my blog - it's great to meet you. Happy new year!

:-) Anna

DogDriller said... Reply To This Comment

I really need to start jogging, one of my new years resolutions is to be more active so I'm going to have to try this. Thanks.

DWei said... Reply To This Comment

Can't do this in the winter though. You just end up resting in a snowdrift or slipping on ice. :(

Claire Hennessy said... Reply To This Comment

Oooh jogging at sunset? Never tried that. Not that I jog anymore. Tried it for about a year, in the mornings with the dog. Liked it. It started raining so I stopped and never started again! Now the thought is daunting. Nice to meet you and your blog. Happy New Year :)

BragonDorn said... Reply To This Comment

Nathan) Doesn't it motivate you! I wish I lived somewhere that looked like that. So Beautiful!

Dave) Thank you so much!

Wolvz) Keep it up! :P

Jaya) I wish I had a pool near my house. I would probably swim instead of run :) Swimming actually burns more energy.

John) Thanks!

Kristjan) I face the same delema here in Ohio. I am down to only going out twice a week and I have like 4 layers on. I sweat like a pig...

Jab) I am really glad to hear that you take your dogs out! Like all my neighbors have 4 or 5 dogs each and none of them ever get any exercise. It kills me to see :/

Anna) You should be proud to not know that it is a character from a video game. I'm kinda a nerd at heart :)

Dog) Jogging isn't always the best option but it is much better than sitting on your butt all day :) I also enjoy bicycling and basketball :)

DWei) Yah when there is a lot of snow down which we are finally getting here. I just stick with the treadmill. Not very motivating though since it is right by my pc... :)

Claire) What a terrible experience! I personally like rnning in the rain but it is much more dangerous and I am sure my dog would freak the freak out :P

My 2 Pesos said... Reply To This Comment

I always do that. ;)

Lord Phrozen said... Reply To This Comment

Sunset jogs are the best, unless when it's 12:00nn and the sun is burning hot and ground is frying like a pan.

Jetah said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome post. I love going for sunset jogs. Going for a jog that simultaneously allows you to embrace the beauty of nature really amplifies the experience.

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