Thursday, October 4, 2012

Long Time No See :P

I haven't spoken to you all for a long long time. I highly doubt anyone will even read this because my followers are probably all gone from here to wordpress because they are hippies.. Anywho I haven't checked my bragondorn email for about a year to the day. I logged in today and of course there are over 4000 emails of mostly spam but there were also a few genuine emails from my lovely followers wondering about me. I will answer the 5 most asked for you all.

1) Why did you post constantly for 1-2 months and then stop posting altogether?

40% - Laziness - Video Games, Tv, Netflix and whatever captures my attention...
30% - Vacation - Went around the world and lived my life for a month or two. (Truly Lovely)
20% - After a month or two of blogging I found that a lot of you have purpose behind your blogs and help people. I have never felt I have helped anyone with my nonsense blog full of gibberish...
10% - beep boopity flip flappity gumbo chops... Idk....

2) Why do you post that you are back when you are not actually staying back?

Idk... maybe i was just bored that day and felt like letting you all know i wasn't dead...

3) Have you posted your Squirrels Tail book in any app stores yet? Or have you finished your red space book?

Nope, I would like too but I did it for fun and it is stressful to deal with someone who can turn it into a app... Also my Photoshop got uninstalled and I lost my install cd... Sooooo I will work on it sometime in the future when I go out and buy a new Photoshop cd.. I would love to make another squirrel book as well :)

4) Hows your intern doing?

That kid was a natural! I was just talking to him the other night and he said that my tough ethics drove him to learn a lot quicker. He stated that being stuck getting coffee and donuts for the rest of the office made him crazy. He is taking 20 credit hours to finish his degree this semester. Also he said that everyone still distrusts him to do anything professional for making that terrible looking Rock'em Sock'em...

5)When will you tell me another crazy life story!?!?!?

I have a lot of crazy stories that you would love to hear because I am a crazy person. I will tell you another one soon.


I will try to post more and keep you all up to date at least monthly and I will be viewing the blogs of everyone who is still viewing mine :P I personally like to view other peoples blogs than write my own... Anywho you all inspire me and I hope to stay up to date here. Best of luck to you all in your daily lives and my prayers go out to you all! I hope all of your lives are as blessed as my own!

Can't forget a random picture that doesn't have anything to do with anything.

Happy Halloween!

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