Monday, January 30, 2012

What happened this time?

I am sorry that I have been gone for a week but I have been arguing with my lawyer about how to solve this brown water dilemma. Over the last few days the water has been slowly getting better (less brown) but it is still nasty looking. I went out and bought a 100 gallon tank of water that I have to refill every now and then... I am kind of angry about this but I am going to get them in court. I have set many emails and letters to the company drilling up the road and I have even tried visiting the site but there is no one there to talk to. I have left my name, number, and email address with the security and I have yet to get any kind of call or letter back. I doubt they take me seriously but I plan to sue as soon as the results come back and I know if the fluids in my water were injected there by the fracking. I will try and keep you guys updated on whether I am going to get some sort of $$$ out of this or not. I hope I get every penny they have! But I doubt I will even get the value of my house out of it. Maybe I will be able to sell the house without someone realizing the well is shot... I mean seriously who would want a home with a destroyed well? I can't get city water because I live so far out in the country...

I am not a smart man but I do not plan on letting them screw me. Also my template went totally hay wire so I reverted to a default blog template. My little brother started using this site and he wanted me to post this banner around for him. I have no clue what it is or how to use it so I will just leave it here...

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This Is Bolsheviks!

First off If anyone can explain to me why terrible things keep happening to me please do because I am about to start running around my house and hitting things with a bat :\/ :/\ :\/

So apparently my well water is unusable anymore... I woke up, got dressed and went downstairs to make some coffee like any other morning but the water coming out of my faucet had a strange brown tint to it. At first I thought that I didn't rinse out the pot from yesterday and the color was coming from that. So I spilled out the water and started filling it up again to spill into the coffee machine and again the water was brown. I turned my faucet on and let it run for ten minutes and the color just kept getting darker and darker. At the moment my water is a really dark brown color... 

I don't know what turned my well water this color but I am starting to get really pissed off. I have been making calls all day but I can't get a straight answer from anyone. Some guys have said my well has gone bad and others have told me that a oil company moved in up the street. Regardless of the answer I now have to drive 15 minutes to get to the nearest store and pick up water bottles. The water company said they would send someone out to drill another well for me but I am not sure If I should get another well drilled because my brother has told me that it is from the oil company.

About ten minutes ago my brother said that the oil companies are shooting oil into my water supply or something like that. He calling it Faking or something like that. I personally am not a smart man and I believe the oil company has taken advantage of that fact. I have very few neighbors so I think I will be the only one to raise this issue over the Internets. I think It is wrong what the oil company is doing and would love to hear a way to get them back for this. My well is completely shot and they are the ones to blame apparently.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Rock'em Sock'em

So our company just got a 3D printer today and they wanted me of all people to make an AutoDesk Inventor model to print out. I think I made a pretty awesome replica of a Rock'em Sock'em robot fight. I wish my job was solely to make dumb things like this and print 3D models of them because it's incredibly fun. Every part is printed separately and then you spend an hour trying to put all the little pieces together to look like this.

This is what it looked like in the computer when put together in AutoDesk. I walked into our meeting standing tall with my intern behind me and started showing off my model. Apparently I'm terrible at putting things together and no one even knew what I was trying to make. My 3D model was promptly thrown into the trashcan. I told everyone that the intern put it together and I only made the model on the computer. But don't you feel bad about my intern because I promised him a pale of ice cream tomorrow. Kids will sell out for all most anything these days.... He probably would of took the blame for a Klondike bar. 

What I Learned Today
Your intern might make fun of your fractured knee and crack dumb video game jokes all day but when It comes down to intern or no intern. My answer will always be intern because you are able to blame everything on them and if they call you a liar you can give them the boot.

Intern: Hey how did you break your knee? :3
Me: I got in a freak accident.
Intern: So did you take an arrow to your knee?
Me: I should of seen this coming....

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Im Back

First off I just wanted to say sorry for not posting all week. I have been all drugged up to heal my knee and fingers and didn't want to say anything I would regret :) Also I will no longer be posting on Tuesdays or Thursdays due to my boss firing the other accountant but at least I can have an intern now.. Anyways It is Film Friday :)

Someday our world as we know it today will end. I am not saying that the entire thing will just explode but It will change forever. It could be the end in a few months or a few million years. The possibilities are almost endless but here are a couple of films that give us possibilities.

In this movies not so much zombies but monsters take over. I have never really believed that zombies were a credible choice for the worlds end but this movie had a convincing plot line. They believe that they have the cure for cancer but the cure goes airborne and infects almost everyone turning them into the monsters. There are some immune however and that is where Will Smith comes into play with his great acting abilities.

This film is a more unlikely story but I think we are dumb enough to let it happen. In this movies Robots are mass produced to work for humans. They do everything from go grocery shopping to taking out the trash. What we didn't expect however was that they would turn on us and attempt to kill all humans. Also with Will Smith. What were the odds of that?

In this movie a Meteor is found to be hurdling straight towards Earth and has no chance in missing. I think that this is a very good possibility because there are so many comets orbiting the sun that sooner or later one will come into alignment with our little blue planet. Luckily the world however is saved by Bruce Willis and his crew of misfits.

There are countless of other ways the world could end like a Nuclear War, Super Volcano, or maybe something simple like we run out of clean drinking water. How do you think it will happen?

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Monday, January 16, 2012

My Insane Weekend

Sorry for not posting Saturday and so late today but I had one crazy weekend... Friday night after I posted me and a few buddies went out to the bar and crashed on one of my buds couch around 10. I am not a big drinker but last week was the worst week in years.. 

We woke up the next day and almost immediately started drinking again and Mark had the grand idea of going sledding. We were all still a bit hung over so we called up Mikes little brother to drive us out to the giant hill in our buddies property that he allows for public use in the winter. There weren't many people out yet so we decided to try and surf down the hill on our sleds. Keep in mind that none of us make good decisions when we are hung over. 

My good friend Steve went first and went straight down the hill screaming like a little girl followed by the rest of our group of exceptional individuals. Our group consisted mainly of suit wearing business people that haven't even been outdoors since they were in their teens. We decided to try and go down the other side of the hill that was steeper but there was one lone tree at the bottom of the hill... We all decided that there wasn't a way in hell that we could hit it. About 3 coolers and 10 sled rides later we wanted to do something crazy. So my good friend Matt grabbed his kids blow up pool out of the back of his truck and started pumping air into it. We all started taking our seats inside of the blow up pool and downing the beers we had open. 

We decided at the very beginning of our day that there would be no video tapes or pictures and I really wish we would of filmed this. Once we all were piled into the pool we slowly started running and smashing into the sides of the pool to get it moving. Once it started sliding down the hill Phil realized that we were directly lined up with the tree. We couldn't see the pool before because the walls were so high but once we were heading downhill things became quite clear very quickly. We all tried to abandon ship but every time anyone tried to get up they fell back down because they were so drunk. We all seemed to realize at once how screwed we really were. Everyone was screaming by this point and Mark was even trying to pop the pool with his teeth to escape. As we smashed into the tree at full speed about 3 people flew out of the pool and went about 20 feet ahead into the shallow snow. Everyone else smashed into the side of the pool and I was on the second layer.

Marks little brother loaded us all into the back of his van and brought us all to the hospital. I stayed for one night and fractured my knee and two fingers. So I'm sorry if some of this is spelled atrociously... No one was seriously injured though. The worst anyone had was a broken arm and he was one of the guys who launched twenty feet. Thanks for reading and remember to never drink and sled or sled with inflatable pools. Both those things are bad.

This picture is not the hill but close. from pixabay

I am not supposed to use my fingers that much so I may not post much this week. Also wooo!!!! 300 followers! :)

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Film Friday

Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking

I can still remember looking up into the stars when I was young and wondering what was out there. When I was a kid we had a show much like this one minus the special effects called Cosmos. Cosmos was hosted by my idle Carl Sagan. He could speak about things so clearly that anyone could understand them. I was never much into Star Trek but he made it seem possible. Into The Universe feels like it picks up right where Cosmos left off. The special effects and visuals used in Into The Universe make it a very fun watch. There are three episodes in the series which cover life on other planets, time travel, the creation of the universe, and much more. I especially liked Stephens view on paradoxes. This is a great film and It will make you feel smarter afterwards.

IMDB: 8.6
My Rating: 9

I personally feel as though this film could of covered more topics as Cosmos did back in the day, but these three episodes seem to be more about the most important discoveries and ideas found thus far.

Also please check out Wilson's Sketch Blog

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taxation Thursday

 Every Thursday I will be taking one item that our taxes pay for and breaking it down into why it is essential or just a waste. I enjoy learning about this our country and where the taxes are spent.

The first question I want to answer is do Indians even pay taxes?
I read that States are not allowed to tax Indian Tribal Governments directly but may tax the Indians individually as long as they don't make their cash directly from a treaty.

The government spends 2.5 billion dollars on reservations each year. This 2.5 billion breaks down into 50 million for tribal colleges, 14.4 million for completed settlements, 5.1 million for a Loan program, 14.2 million for central oversight, and 27 million for estate services. Also an additional 354.7 million is being spent this year to add public safety and justice to Indian reservations all through America. This change will bring a reduction in crime throughout the reservations.

My first thought on all of this is that we need to start taxing the Indians more. While some of the Indians are poor and need our help others run huge Casinos that can't be taxed properly because they are under a treaty. We only have the power to charge them a special tax which is a start... While some Tribes need our help in surviving, others are taking advantage of the system and do not need all of this special treatment. Than my second thought is that I don't have enough information to make such an assumption. I am not a smart man outside of the workplace.
And a cute bird

I am sorry If I haven't checked out your blog this week.. They've had me working 9 to 9 with a 3 hour break starting at noon each day..

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My December

We had no snow here in Ohio. I really do want snow but all we get is rain, rain, and more rain. I took a few pictures last year of my backyard after a big snow storm. I hope it turns into something like this again this month or next month. I love snow! 

And here are my cute animals.

I am not much of a photographer so I'm sorry for taking them all in Black & White.. I didn't realize till after I plugged in my camera... I am not a smart man :P

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Escape from Red Space

I was thinking If I turned this into a book I would have the bird type character think he is the last of his kind. I don't want to give to much away here but this is what the robots looked like.

Well I don't remember what they look like but this is what I drew in my dream journal. Also I have tried lucid dreaming and I am not a big fan. While dreaming about whatever you want is fun, I prefer dreaming about random things because you truly open your mind to everything. I would never of had a lucid dream about a robot army trying to kill a bird type person. Because of my drawing skills or should I say lack of drawing skills I try to make my books child appropriate because teenagers prefer that Japanese stuff and I can't compete with that :P

Also I switched around my Tuesday and Thursday because whatever.... Yep that's my reasoning.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Battle for Red Space

I had the strangest dream last night. I usually don't remember dreams but this thing has been stuck in my head all day. I am not sure what he is or why space was red but I know this was no average dream. I can remember a war of some sort going on for a thing that they called Red Space. This was the last thing I could recall from my dream. Sorry if I come off a bit crazy here... What can you decode from this dream? Bird looking people fighting a war against giant Robots? Really this is what my brain comes up with? I jotted down some real quick sketches of these things in my dream journal and I will post up another picture tomorrow of what the robots looked like. I feel like I am twelve years old and reading comics again.. I may just have the need to make a second little book out of this guy.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Deadly Ducks

It was the forth of July and I was six or seven years old. It is hard to remember the exact age but I know it was close to there. Anyways... Where I live every fourth of July we have a firework presentation and everyone sits up on a giant hill. There are probably seven or eight hundred people that go to it. Well I used to go there with my uncle because my parents always went to an all adult party and left us with him.

Before I can properly tell this story I should tell you a little bit about my uncle. He was the type of guy that loved kids but never had any himself. He always played airplane (picking us up by one arm and one leg and spinning us in circles) with us and one time accidentally through my older brother directly into the sandbox. Another time we were playing helicopter (one of us sitting in a spinning chair and him spinning it extremely fast) and I flew off into a chair and had to get stitches in my head...

I love my uncle but he wasn't the most reliable person. Anyways back to the story. We hit some major trafic on the way to the hill so we were stuck sittings at the very bottom by the river. The year before we saw a kid roll all the way down the hill and fall into the river. The winter before we heard stories of a kid try and sled down the same hill and broke through the ice into the river. I love how I can remember more bad things than good.. This was not a good river.

So we sat there waiting for the fireworks and we saw some cute ducks in the water. One of my brothers or maybe it was my uncle threw rocks at the ducks. The momma duck started honking or whatever the sound they make is when they are angry. It isn't a quack when they are mad. Directly after the rock hit the duck and it starting honking the first fireworks started going off and the duck just lost it. That duck was going to protect its babies! It must of thought that the fireworks were gun shots and we were shooting at them.

Me being the unlucky one was the main target of the furry. The duck flew out of the water and went right for me. It smashed into my chest and I started screaming and crying. No one could hear me however because of the extremely loud fireworks still provoking the ducks! My uncle and two brothers were looking straight up at the fireworks while I was being mauled by a damn duck!  I managed to throw it off me for just enough time to hit my uncle. He looked at me and saw blood all over my face and cuts on my throat and then saw the duck flopping around coming back in my direction. He picked me up and grabbed my brothers and he ran and ran and ran. I don't know how long the duck chased us but he didn't stop until we were all in the car.

Afterwards I had to go to the hospital and get a bunch of long needles jabbed into me and tell the cops what caused the wounds. I couldn't do it... I couldn't be the death of that duck. It had babies and if I were in its shoes I would of attacked me to. But I think my uncle told them and the duck was probably killed along with 9 or 10 other ducks that may of been the one that attacked me...

picture from pixabay

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Film Friday

My Rating System will be out of 10 points. I will not be giving professional reviews because I am no proffesional in this field. I judge more on the concept of the film and not so much content. I will do a short one today. Most of the films I watch are on Netflix but I do stop by the blockbuster 2 or 3 times a week. I enjoy to let the movies do the talking so I will be giving short explanations of the movies without giving away to much...

If you are not into low budget horrors than this will not be for you. Rubber is a great movie that I watched sometime back now about a psychotic tire that goes on a murderous rampage. It is quite a strange movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of comedy or horror movies. While this is a incredibly strange story it is a very spectacular piece of work that deserves a watch through. Well at least most of it...
Some parts are kind of.. Well..

In closing this movie made me laugh, shiver, and applaud.

IMDb Rating: 5.8/10
Netflix Average Review:  2.9/10
My Rating: 8/10

My reviews will be longer in the future but I had to find a way to save Sammy.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Working out a schedule

First off none of these are set into place yet nor will I necessarily go by them when they are. This is just a way for me too stay away from talking about the same thing all week which I still might but it's worth a try :P Also I will change these up to new things when I get bored of them :)

As an accountant I feel like I need order.. That is probably why I'm doing this :P Also everything I listed are things that I am interested in personally. If I didn't enjoy myself here I would probably leave and go play internet chess or diablo 3 beta. Which is amazing. I am so lucky I got picked to participate in it :)

No Post Sunday

Creation Monday - The many dumb ideas that go through my head to the screen. (Like the pearguin)

Tax Tuesday - Facts about the taxes you pay and what it pays for.

Whatever Wednesday - Whatever I feel like talking about. Whether it is a video of a man falling down a flight of stairs or a review of a new product I have received.

Thursday - I am not sure yet. Hmmm...

Film Review Friday - On a Friday Night one of my favorite activities is watching films on Netflix. I usually enjoy watching the dumbest indie movies I can find that haven't been removed yet. I also enjoy actual movies that aren't terrible. I will mostly review those but I will throw a indie in every here and there.

Story Saturday- Some of my personal life stories about good or bad experiences I have gotten into and out of with mental or physical scars.

Today we got a couple of apes on a wall. Interesting....
Picture from Pixabay

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So I was looking through my own blog here and realized it looks kinda dull. A boring background and a fake view counter at the top of my page...  you can find it here Anyways... I am thinking I will make some sort of schedule as well for my posting. You know, just silly stuff like Silly Story Sunday and Movie Monday. Everyone seems to have a random blog and I just want a little order here. I may or may not have this all done my tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any good ideas for my blog please don't be shy :)

Thanks you guys!

Oh... And I almost forgot

As always another public domain pixabay :)

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Monday, January 2, 2012

I just got the call this morning from my mom...

I can still remember catching frogs and going swimming at our campground when I was young. But the memory I remember most is when my brother found the tiny kitten under the dumpster. If he wouldn't of found that cat it would of died by the end of that night. I remember my brother bringing the cat back to our campsite and we gave it milk and made him a little cardboard house and put hay in it for him. He was the cutest little kitten I have ever seen but he didn’t stay that way for long. We ended up naming the cute little kitten after the park and we brought him home for the winter because he wouldn’t make it out there alone. The Kitten grew up fast and wasn’t as cute as he once was. He was never very good at using a litter box so we had to make him an outdoor cat. I remember he ran away a lot when he was younger but as his years passed he stopped chasing mice into the cornfield and started sticking around the house and waiting for his meals. One day when our kitten was returning from a 4 to 5 day expedition in the woods he brought back a cat with very similar colors to his own and we named him Sunny.
Our kitty was a great cat but I wasn’t really sad when I heard that he passed away last night in the prime of the winter. I guess he wanted to go on one last adventure but he didn’t quite make it home. I think that our kitty lived a full life and enjoyed his time spent chasing rats and wondering aimlessly through the cornfield behind our house. I learned a lot over the years from our cat. The first thing I learned was that good things never last. As kitten grew older he didn’t keep his same kitten attitude and stopped being as playful. When kitten ran away I learned that if you love something you have to let it go. When kitten died last night I learned that we all only have so long on this world and we have to make the most of it.                              

This is not my kitten but he looks almost identical. Sorry if I bummed you guys out :/
Photo from Pixabay

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Home on the Horizon

Going for a jog every night at sunset makes everything better. As you get wore out from running down the long road you look up at the sunset while you are sucking in air trying to keep going. But there comes a time no matter how physically fit you are you become exhausted or just give up. As you stop running and begin to walk you look up to the sunset and see yourself. Imagine that the sun is tired just like you are and it needs a break. As the sunset disappears into the horizon and you turn to see the moon you get a new boost of energy and the urge to start running again. As you take off again you realize that your quickness has fled with the sun and you can only move as quick as your body can move you. But something happens, even though you don’t have the energy you had before you push yourself. The moon makes you feel lighter and looser. The stars scream for you to move quicker and you oblige them. As the sprint begins and your feet and legs scream “STOP!” you can’t help but ignore them and push yourself to the your limit. On a few occasions you might make it back to your house and fall into bed but on most occasions you don’t make it that far. As you collapse in the open pasture you smell the freshly cut grass and can’t help but enjoy it. The imagination tells us to stay there and enjoy the view but our minds remind us that there are family is waiting at home for our return. When you return to your feet and start walking home oddly the sky doesn’t seem so misplaced and you feel like it’s been that way forever. As you and your depleted energy go to bed you can’t wait for the next day’s sunset jog.

Please everyone, try going out on a sunset jog. You will more confident and fit :)
Photo from Pixabay

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